Monday, August 18, 2014

Syphilitic Vaginas

Syphilitic Vaginas - 邪道夜 2007
Syphilitic Vaginas -  梅毒マンコ  2008
Syphilitic Vaginas - Complete Studio Collection 2008
Various Artists - Abigail / Syphilitic Vaginas 2009
Syphilitic Vaginas - Alpha Antichrist 2011
01. Syphilitic Vaginas - 邪道夜, 2007 Vinyl 12" Repress 45 RPM
     Rescued From Life Records - RFL 43
     Reissue from 2011
02. Syphilitic Vaginas - 梅毒マンコ , 2008 Vinyl LP Repress Limited Edition
     Rescued From Life Records - RFL 41
     Reissue from 2011
03. Syphilitic Vaginas - Complete Studio Collection, 2008 CD Compilation
     Rescued From Life Records - RFL 55
04. Various Artists - Abigail / Syphilitic Vaginas, 2009
     Rescued From Life Records - RFL57, Compilation
     Contains 9 songs by: Syphilitic Vaginas, Abigail
05. Syphilitic Vaginas - Alpha Antichrist, 2011 Vinyl LP
     Heavy Metal Super Star Records - HMSS-CD-106
Considerable deluge of black power! The Spinal Tap logo used with a G.I.S.M. song title could mean very awful pornogrind joke band or symmetrical explosion of insane aural ecstasy. It is indeed the latter. This is the most formidable thing of the decade for fans of 1984 evil black metal. And for all others too, just open your souls to Syphilitic Vaginas who reincarnates the whole G.I.S.M. experience, sometimes sounding more G.I.S.M. than G.I.S.M., with an exaggerated dose of Venom, Bulldozer, Warfare, Bathory, Tank, NME and Sodom (all 1984 & earlier), with riffs borrowed from Iron Maiden's Killers. I'm not sure if these dudes are Swedish or Japanese or both, but all that matters is this unbelievable onslaught of sleazy perfection. This is megamaximumizer top of zer! This is the ultimate catalog of 666 and the endless joy of the hardcore metal disciple! BOW DOWN TO SYPHILITIC VAGINAS!!! THRASH TIL ZER!!!! COMMAND US SATAN!!!
!ZER Syphilitic Vaginas ZER!
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This is very sad and the entire Church Of Zer propels waves of zerism to the survivors. Stephen Harper, you dirty little hypocritical slug, shut the fuck up forever and since I'm paying for your imperial lifestyle, come spend a week in my bathroom so that I can shit in your mouth everyday.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Prong - Force Fed 1987
Prong - Primitive Origins 1987
Prong - Beg To Differ 1990
Prong - The Peel Sessions 1990
Prong - Prove You Wrong 1991
Prong - Cleansing 1994
Prong - 100% Live 2002
Prong - Scorpio Rising 2003
Prong - Power Of The Damager 2007
01. Prong - Force Fed, 1987 CD Album
     Southern Studios - 26-07934
02. Prong - Primitive Origins, 1987 CD Album
     Spigot, EFA - SPT 1D, 26-07933
03. Prong - Beg To Differ, 1990 CD Album
     Epic - 466375 2
04. Prong - The Peel Sessions, 1990 CD EP
     Dutch East India Trading, Strange Fruit - DEI8303-2, DEI8303-2
05. Prong - Prove You Wrong, 1991 CD Album
     Epic, Epic - 468945 2, EPC 468945 2
06. Prong - Cleansing, 1994 CD Album
     Epic, Epic - 474796 2, EPC 474796 2
07. Prong - 100% Live, 2002 CD Album Promo
     Locomotive Music - LM119
08. Prong - Scorpio Rising, 2003 CD Album
     Locomotive Music - LM 128
09. Prong - Power Of The Damager, 2007 CD Album
     13th Planet Records - 02028610902
Request rezer and happiness flow. From classic thrash to groovy metal, Prong deliver. I would lie if I said I ever liked them as much as Coroner (to remain in the thrash metal vibe that turned to the sleazy/groovy stuff) but they are still an unmovable staple of the style. Primitive Origins is the juiciest meat of the lot. 3 or 4 albums are missing here, but it does not really matter since the 80s/early 90s stuff (including Cleansing) is the most enjoyable and head banging. I actually don't know, I did not hear the last two, but I have faith.
!ZER Prong ZER!
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The movie-industry intestine does not always distill bad shit. If you missed The Sunset Limited then, watch it now:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beyond Possession

Beyond Possession - Tell Tale Heart 1985
Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession 1986
01. Beyond Possession - Tell Tale Heart, 1985 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM Reissue
     Fango Records - FR-001
     Reissue from 1991
02. Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Death Records, Metal Blade Records - DRR 008, 72168-1
Don't sweat it, I am not starting a reload campaign: technically, this is not a repost since the previous Beyond Possession worship service only featured the Repossessed CD (which contains both these records). I might do that again with original vinyls for past CDs-only posts (Sacrilege BC! Crumbsuckers! Ludichrist!). Why? Because vinyl sounds better? No, because I am a nostalgia addict. I am fond of manipulating records from the warm years of my youth. I did not take many pictures, I do not have a photo album, everything is in the records which trigger long reels of memories. The Beyond Possession LP is particularly potent in that regard and I won't tell you why. But 1986 was such a hot year. And so are Beyond Possession, who still sound amazing today. The 7" is a great little piece of HC/punk, but the LP is one major ass kicking crossover masterpiece. It is like the side-project of Attitude Adjustment and Steve Harris, it really is the spirit of crossover - wild but tamed, brilliantly executed, catchy yet dark. Maybe it was too ahead of its time or something, but the non-explosion of this record on the worldwide metal and punk scenes remains a mystery to me. Still A-MA-ZING 30 years later!
!ZER Beyond Possession ZER!
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Wait... did I just emit some anti-vinyl blasphemy? What, vinyl does not sound better than CD? No I don't think vinyl sounds better than CD. Objectively, vinyl is an inferior medium with much less dynamic range, weaker stereo separation, poorer sound to noise ratio, much narrower frequency response and generally inferior precision than CD.
I too prefer the LP physical object: it is larger than a CD, and size matters. Also, it smells better and has no stupid jewel case that will break on the first occasion. And I love color, transparent vinyl (the new Goatwhore LP is a terrific semi-white/semi transparent marvel) - and picture discs. I love picture discs, they sound horrible but I love them anyway.
On the other hand, the case protects the CD, while the LP protects its sleeve. But more importantly, vinyl degrades much faster. After 35 years of vinyl and 25 years of CD consumption, I have lost 10 times more LPs than CDs and I own 5 times more CDs than LPs, which makes a 50 to 1 loss ratio. By "lost" I mean LPs or CDs that have major problems (LPs that skip or pop so hard that some songs cannot be played, CDs with unbearable clicks and unplayable songs). I've always been extra careful with my records. My daughters suffered merciless terror when they only crawled near the records. But vinyl is just too fragile, it does not age well. And another thing that bugs me endlessly is that horrible background noise, and all the pops and crackles that you can get even on a brand new record (just got the new Thou double LP - I think I will sell it and buy the CD instead, on the first play it already sounds worn out like a 1978 LP that was forgotten in a wet wasteland with sand storms). I do spend a lot of time cleaning up the vinyl rips I post here. So yes, you might very well prefer vinyl to CD, but it is for other reasons than audio quality. Or maybe you do like the noise and muddiness of vinyl (and factor this as "warmth", how many times did someone tell me that vinyl sounds "warmer" than CD).
Yes there are many CDs (and I often complain about them here) that sound horrible compared to the LPs. These are invariably remastered versions of old albums done by deaf people who think using an L2 or L3 Ultramaximizer to 11 is a great idea because it sounds louder. Try the disgusting reissues of the 1st Living Death, the Hallow's Eve box set, or many others. Horrible shit indeed, but not because of the CD medium. This is due to incompetency and laziness from the piece of meat between the chair and the keyboard.
The vinyl trend bugs me a bit. It has become stronger and stronger for 10 or 15 years, while CD is disappearing. This is strange, except if you factor in the hipster wave. But why do we prefer an inferior medium which costs 2 to 4 times the price of the CD version? Isn't it an IQ test? Are we on the orbit to 2505? I bought the double Thou LP for $25 + tx (almost $30) while the CD was available for $10. I am still scratching my head (yeah that LP looks very nice... but that's it!). When I can buy a digibook or other especially creative designed packages, it's always a winner, it beats an LP. I wouldn't trade the latest Autopsy, Triptykon, most Corrupted, several Gargoyle releases etc. for their LP versions.
What really makes me laugh is the fact that we release LPs... although the whole recording process was digital. Recording, mixing, mastering, it's all done on a computer, then it's put on a fragile analog medium with background noise. Isn't that absurd?
In the 80s, it was very hype to have an AAD or ADD label on the record sleeve, digital was a hot quality tag. DDD was totally hype. Today the production process is always DDD, 100% digital (anyway most current artists wouldn't be able to play their stuff right enough with analog technology because analog means NO EDITING!) and we crave to put it on analog support... Yo.
And then there are the economical and ecological factors. Making vinyl is more expensive and consume much more resources and energy than CDs, and they are sold for more money with more profits. Therefore anti-capitalist earth protectors should save their soul and never buy LPs. They should not buy CDs either, they should even not download any music because the computer industry and the internet are evil pits of consumerism and pollution. I don't care, I do not have a soul, but if you were a good mammal, you wouldn't go to Youtube, visit this blog or even use anything like a computer, you earth-sucking parasite. You should live in a tree and wait for the universe to dissolve. Oï!
OK, end of the rant, time to eat.

PS: Here is what Neil Kernon (producer, Judas Priest, Macabre, Nile...) has to say:
I always think that it's funny when people say that something "wasn't mastered for vinyl" or "was only mastered for CD" because mastering for vinyl is a process where the audio path has to be much more stringently controlled and restricted than for CD mastering.

Vinyl doesn't allow the presence of much out of phase content, for several reasons. OOP content occupies lateral space within the groove, and too much of that can make a stylus, or even a cutter head while mastering, jump out of the groove. Therefore, all OOP content, which can often be desirable from a creative point of view in mixing - as in making sounds fly around the room and sound and even feel awesome - has to either not be included in the mix at all, or the low end of the whole mix has to be "bass phased" - basically made into mono artificially.

On top of that, really low frequencies, partly for the same reason, cannot exist on vinyl, so low end has to be filtered out.

Similarly, high frequencies and sibilance can distort vinyl easily, so they also have to be tamed as well. Of course, a good mix probably shouldn't have too many nasty things in it in the first place, but I've seen phenomenal sounding mixes cause problems in vinyl mastering, simply due to the restrictions of what can actually be cut onto the lacquer. It's often a crapshoot.

I witnessed a situation that went on for days where Ray Staff, the chief mastering engineer at Trident, was having trouble cutting a Cat Stevens album. It sounded really excellent, but simply couldn't translate to lacquer without either skipping or distorting horribly. That meant having to go back and alter the mix substantially - which actually wasn't a wide or sibilant mix at all - so that it could even be cut. To this day, that particular case still remains a mystery, but there was just a weird combination of things that literally prevented several of the original mixes from making it to vinyl.

So, taking an album that was mixed without any consideration that it might even end up on vinyl at all - and trying to master it often results in using a lot of restrictive things like low end filtering, bass phasing and the like. Therefore the whole low end curve and spatiality of the vinyl version might well sound totally different to the CD version.

None of these unfortunate restrictions are actually present in the digital world. I spent the first decade of my career both discovering, and then trying to work around limitation after limitation of getting a nice, wide mix onto vinyl without causing problems for the cutter head, or frying it with too many high frequencies. Once digital came out, I was finally able to take home a full-frequency, unfiltered version of the mix, rather than one that had to be compromised for vinyl.

Combine that with the ever-present clicks and pops and bangs, and vinyl can go and jump in the lake for all I care.

Complete discussion here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


D.O.A., Jello Biafra - Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors 1989
D.O.A. - Murder. 1990
D.O.A. - 13 Flavours Of Doom 1992
D.O.A. - Loggerheads 1993
01. D.O.A., Jello Biafra - Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors, 1989 CD Album
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 78CD
02. D.O.A. - Murder., 1990 CD Album
     Restless Records - LS 9413 2
03. D.O.A. - 13 Flavours Of Doom, 1992 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 117CD
04. D.O.A. - Loggerheads, 1993 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 130CD
After 6 years of zer, this is the 1st DOA post. It may seem strange, since DOA are that classic punk band from 1980, therefore I should worship them as much as Bad Brains and co. But i just don't care about DOA. I worship the Freeze instead. Blasphemy! Yes, but it explains why I can only post these 4 albums: over the years I sold "Hardcore 1981", the Party album etc. These are the dust-collecting remains of my DOA collection, don't ask for the older or newer stuff. I actually never heard anything from them after 1993.
That's all I can do for the DOA request, sorry.
PS: I don't care about the Damned either.
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Joy and wonder! Yesterday I paid for a movie ticket and got 200% satisfaction! Incredible! Dead Snow 2 is a terrific experience - movie of the year! If you liked Iron Sky, do not miss Dead Snow 2.

And just in case, still in the zombie department, watch and re-watch La Horde. This complete classic from 2009 puts to shame any zombie thing since the Romero days. This is brutal and intense, not the tired Walking Dead.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Verbal Abuse + Scheisse Minnelli + The Shining - Speed Kills, But Who's Dying?

Various Artists - Speed Kills, But Who's Dying? 2011
01. Various Artists - Speed Kills, But Who's Dying?, 2011
     Just 4 Fun - FUN0000022, Compilation
     Contains 15 songs by: Shining, The, Verbal Abuse, Scheisse Minnelli
It is only a few months ago that I found out that Verbal Abuse returned from the dead in 2005 with the original singer. So I was very excited about this release, expecting something as virulent as the first album or as juicy and meaty as Red, White & Violent. Mild disappointment, their songs on this compilation are not bad at all, but far from being as essential as the rest of their output. It is slower and punker than I expected. The other two bands make me bang my head a lot harder with their amazing crossover thrash. They sound almost more VA than VA... So this VA return is OK, but as far as returning dinosaurs are concerned, I'd rather listen to the new English Dogs.
!ZER The Shining, Verbal Abuse, Scheisse Minnelli ZER!
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Interesting GMO article.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Crisis - 8 Convulsions 1994
Crisis - Deathshead Extermination 1996
Crisis - The Hollowing 1997
Crisis - Like Sheep Led To Slaughter 2004
01. Crisis - 8 Convulsions, 1994 CD Album
     Too Damn Hype Records - TDH0007-2
02. Crisis - Deathshead Extermination, 1996 CD Album
     Metal Blade Records - 3984-14108-2
03. Crisis - The Hollowing, 1997 CD Album
     Metal Blade Records - 3984-14141-2
04. Crisis - Like Sheep Led To Slaughter, 2004 CD Album
     The End Records - TE044
Another old request, another rezer. Posting was slow this past couple of weeks because I was on vacation. The pace will now return to less slow, maybe. Anyway, let's have a full new serving of Crisis, the amazing band that blew me away in 1996 when I randomly bought the Deathshead Extermination album. This was another completely miraculous blind date with soundgasm. I love it when it happens, you pick a random CD at the store hoping it won't be too awful and it actually grows you another tumor. We listened to that album night and day. The other three albums are great too. But... Deathshead Extermination is a classic in the family. Brain torsion, subtle torture with a fork and throat crunching are on the menu. I wouldn't know how to tag it, maybe rocking doom thrash? Silverfish and Coroner at the wedding of Rollins and Sepultura? Who cares? Listen and bleed!
!ZER Crisis ZER!
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Fans of Terry Gilliam anywhere? His latest movie is a sad disaster. The days of Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and 12 Monkeys are long gone and buried. Zero Theorem is a steady walk into the large realms of dusty boredom and auto-parody. I'd rather attend a Stryper show than watch this rehashed, uninspired, unchallenging thick crap again. For 10 minutes into the movie, I thought and rejoiced it was some sort of adaptation of Grant Morrison's hallucinogenic masterpiece The Filth, but no, it's just old new age bullshit for the Avatar generation. I feel fucking betrayed, this is Gilliam's Cold Lake.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sacred Denial

Sacred Denial - Life's Been Getting To Me 1985
Sacred Denial - Extra-Strength Tylenol Anyone ? 1986
Sacred Denial - Exhumed 1988
Sacred Denial - North Of The Order 1988
Sacred Denial - Sifting Through Remains 1988
01. Sacred Denial - Life's Been Getting To Me, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Four Front Records - FF-11068
02. Sacred Denial - Extra-Strength Tylenol Anyone ?, 1986 Vinyl LP
     Forefront Records - SD-002
03. Sacred Denial - Exhumed, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Forefront Records - SD004BL
04. Sacred Denial - North Of The Order, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Nuclear Blast - NB 006
05. Sacred Denial - Sifting Through Remains, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Nuclear Blast - NB 010
Requested, repacked, rezerred. From punk til thrash, Sacred Denial rocked the 80s and our vertebraes still ache. It was a good complement to Ugly Americans, Adrenalin OD (but not as fast!), Bedlam and so on. The Exhumed LP is a compilation of material from 82/83. Great stuff, but I need to go back doing nothing (vacation rule #1), so I'll let you find out the right words to pay tribute to this ancestral piece of US hardcore. Zer!
!ZER Sacred Denial ZER!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Energumen - Void Spiritualism 2014
01. Energumen - Void Spiritualism, 2014 Tape
     self released - demo MMXIV
Massively aural mutilation of mind and body! This new band will be very soon propelled to the top orbits of the mega death. If you enjoyed the Putrevore post, do not miss Energumen (from Switzerland and France). This is in your teeth skull crushing regurgitation of molten lead condensation, listen to Energumen and vomit yourself to the next 666 levels. Expect an Energumen album out very soon and DO NOT MISS IT! But why am I one of the privileged 50 to own (2 copies of) this killer demo tape? Because I met the crazy drummer when he just started to walk (he is the son of old friends) and he figured I'd like to hear what he's all about nowadays. I think he learned how to use his feet and general body coordination seems no problem at all now. Bravo Mathieu. I'm just feeling old and useless now. But I will take another dose of Energumen and the suns of sulfur will shines again between the cracks of my neuron. Death til zer!
!ZER Energumen ZER!
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En attendant, lisez ce rapport payé par vos impôts (notamment la page 91) et souriez du toujours pertinent usage de votre argent.
Et puis attention au diable !

Friday, July 18, 2014

Putrevore - Macabre Kingdom

Putrevore - Macabre Kingdom 2012
01. Putrevore - Macabre Kingdom, 2012 CD
     Xtreem Music - XM 113 CD
Bloated corpses and black magic! When I order a disc, I always browse the entire catalog of the distro in order to find something else to minimize shipping per disc, and because I am a junkie. This is how I was attracted to Putrevore, which I was completely unaware of 3 weeks ago. I found the moniker, the stupid logo, the album title, and the artwork, which is a parody of (or a tribute to?) Hellhammer, totally enticing, so I just bet $10 on it (no preview, no review - it's all 1984 again). I expected some modernized old-school Autopsy | Grave, something like Denial Fiend. Then it arrived in my mailbox (with the new RDP) and holy zer! it is indeed old school, but much more like the sacred Molested, with a touch of Grave and a trace of Morbid Angel. Fucking guttural straight forward blasting death machine! I can't stop listening to this monstrosity! This is a template for death metal and the perfect tribute to the 90s stuff. I haven't been excited by this kind of stuff since Grave's 2006 album or Dead Congregation. AWESOME! Bang your head against two anvils! THRASH TIL DEATH TIL ZOMBIES APOCALYPSES!
!ZER Putrevore ZER!
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You tax dollars at work:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Novelty post

Conquest For Death - Many Nations, One Underground 2013
Ringworm - Bleed 2013
Autopsy - Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves 2014
Bl'ast - The Expression Of Power 2014
Ghoul - Hang Ten 2014
Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly 2014
Misery - The Beginning 2014
Psycho - Chainsaw Priest 2014
Ratos De Porão - Século Sinistro 2014
Ringworm - Hammer Of The Witch 2014
Sheja - Dual World 2014
Violator - Scenarios Of Brutality 2014
01. Conquest For Death - Many Nations, One Underground, 2013 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM
     Tankcrimes Records - TANK071
02. Ringworm - Bleed, 2013 Vinyl 10" 45 RPM Limited Edition
     Relapse Records - RR7242-1
03. Autopsy - Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves, 2014 CD Album Limited Edition
     Peaceville - CDVILEF490
04. Bl'ast - The Expression Of Power, 2014 Vinyl LP x 3
     Southern Lord - LORD179
05. Ghoul - Hang Ten, 2014 Vinyl 10"
     Tankcrimes - TC76
06. Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly, 2014 CD Album
     Steamhammer - SPV 266032 CD
07. Misery - The Beginning, 2014 Vinyl LP Limited Edition
     Inimical Records - IR035
08. Psycho - Chainsaw Priest, 2014 CD Album
     Selfmadegod Records - SMG 117
09. Ratos De Porão - Século Sinistro, 2014 CD Album
     Bruak! Records, Red Star Recordings, Voice Music - none, none, VMCD95
10. Ringworm - Hammer Of The Witch, 2014 CD Album
     Relapse Records - RR7230
11. Sheja - Dual World, 2014 CD
12. Violator - Scenarios Of Brutality, 2014 Vinyl LP Album
     War On Music - WOM045
Let's pump some fresh meat and complete the flacollection with new releases from these previously posted bands. All these things are great, no disappointment, only excitement. Yes, Psycho are back with one straight forward fast & raw thrashcore charge that excels at exhuming their 90s output. Zer! The Misery mini LP offers a Sacrilege cover (inferior to the original) and a continuation in the Amebix direction taken by the previous double LP. Violator deliver the Nuclear Assault / Tankard they are known for, nothing new here but still great. Sheja returns with a triplazer cover album (Thin Lizzy, Accept, Judas Priest...). Ringworm pursue their relentless thrash attack with a mini album that contains a Discharge cover and an album without a Discharge cover. Bestial stuff that manages to keep your neuron on its toes without any spark of originality. It takes talent to make great generic thrash. The same may be said about Ratos De Porao, but since RDP more or less invented this crossover thrash thing, you can't blame them for going on and perfecting it. RDP are in top shape, all teeth, hammers and rage in full swing, Seculo Sinistro is a deadly bulldozer of venomous hardcore and thrash metal! FUCK YEAH! Autopsy also return with a major demonstration in sleazy death metal monstrosity, this is their best album since the Macabre Eternal return. Awesome deluge of massive death elephants!! The Ghoul mini LP is maybe not as exciting as the previous one but still a highly enjoyable burst of surf thrash, while the latest Conquest For Death is full of things greater than their previous things. CFD's punk thrash is still quick and a little sharper than before, bravo. What am I forgetting? Ah yes the newest Mekong Delta. This is another pearl to add to their zero default discography. The high definition metal of Mekong Delta is a its best and one could legitimately wonder why listen to flaccid 21st century (or even 90s...) Iron Maiden when MD can fulfill the need for such things ten times over. I'm not mentioning Metallica because it is irrelevant, we are talking about real metal here. This new album is even better than the two previous ones, Mekong Delta dominate, period. And last but not least, the beast everybody was expecting, the Bl'ast! re-release! At first I had decided I did not care about it as I already own 3 versions of the Power of Expression (LP, CD, tribute), and I can resist my consuming impulses. But when you're an addict, you're an addict, and when I stumbled on this triple LP re-release at my favorite local store, I could not let it in the rack. So what about it? It's mildly disappointing. It contains 3 different recordings of the Power of Expression. LP 1 is a remaster of the album you already know, nothing particularly exciting (yes the album is a fucking classic, but do I need a 4th version?). LP 2 and 3 are previous sessions with the same songs (or less) and they sound terrible (production wise) compared to the official version. There is one unreleased song on LP 2, that's very cool. The artwork and packaging are nice too, but not as classy as the magnificent Blood release. So, in the end pretentious assholes like me need to collect this Bl'ast! stuff and Southern Lord know how to target us, but well, you could live without it if you own the originals. I swear, if Take The Manic Ride resurfaces with a new mix, I won't buy it until the day I buy it. Now, a live album would be seriously cool! Let's hope the reunion will bring us such a thing. BL'AST!
!ZER Bl'astopsyvioserychodeporaowormjaquest ZER!
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Need to waste many minutes on a hangover day? It's Summer, your are entitled to this assortment of tedious crap that may dull you to complete disembodiment:

This shit is so boring, absurd and childish that you experience out of body experiences every five minutes, wandering to other spaces like the fridge and the toilet. This is new age for prepubescent Facebook teens (possibly only the female segment). Yet unlike Noah, it is not funny. Noah was a truly hilarious bucket of vomit featuring giant stone robots, non-stop whining, nonsensical dialogues & absurd situations, and potentially infinite loops of incest. Every scene in Noah is great, Sharknado level. But Transcendence has none of these qualities, it barely reaches the level of a Greenpeace commercial on your homeopath's ipad. It's as interesting as a necklace of spherical sterilized turds in an abandoned cabin and as original as the underwear of Ronald Reagan. And while Noah was the adaptation of a famous book, T. tried to hide its rip-off of the Lawnmower Man from 1992. Replicas of 3rd rate movies from the 90s are a disaster (other red flag: it features Morgan Freeman). But you save on sleeping pills, so why not.

Your tax money at work again:

Another proof that if you vote, you support war and misery.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Japanische Kampfhörspiele

Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Japanische Kampfhörspiele 2001
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Die Großstadt Stinkt, Ist Laut Und Septisch 2002
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Fertigmensch 2003
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt 2004
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Deutschland Von Vorne 2005
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Früher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut 2006
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Rauchen Und Yoga 2007
Various Artists - Slimewave Edition Four Of Six 2007
Various Artists - Japanische Kampfhörspiele / Are You God? 2008
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Live In Trier 2009
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Luxusvernichtung 2009
Various Artists - Japanische Kampfhörspiele/Eisenvater 2009
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Bilder Fressen Strom 2010
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Kaputte Nackte Affen 2011
Various Artists - A Tribute To Japanische Kampfhörspiele 2011
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Welt Ohne Werbung 2014
01. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Japanische Kampfhörspiele, 2001 CD Album
     Blutwurscht Produktion - BWP 002
02. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Die Großstadt Stinkt, Ist Laut Und Septisch, 2002 CD Album Enhanced
     Blutwurscht Produktion - BWP 003
03. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Fertigmensch, 2003 CD EP
     Bastardized Recordings - BE012
04. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt, 2004 CD Album
     Bastardized Recordings - BE015
05. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Deutschland Von Vorne, 2005 CD Mini-Album
     Bastardized Recordings - BE020
06. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Früher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut, 2006 CD Compilation
     Bastardized Recordings - BE022
07. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Rauchen Und Yoga, 2007 CD Limited Edition
     Bastardized Recordings - BE029
08. Various Artists - Slimewave Edition Four Of Six, 2007
     Relapse Records - RR1070, Compilation
     Contains 6 songs by: Bathtub Shitter, Japanische Kampfhörspiele
09. Various Artists - Japanische Kampfhörspiele / Are You God?, 2008
     Baskat Recordings - BKR++5, Compilation
     Contains 8 songs by: Are You God, Japanische Kampfhörspiele
10. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Live In Trier, 2009 CD Mini-Album
     Ecocentric Records - ER # 160
11. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Luxusvernichtung, 2009 CD Album
     Unundeux - 112/001
12. Various Artists - Japanische Kampfhörspiele/Eisenvater, 2009
     Power It Up - P.I.U. # 102, Compilation
     Contains 4 songs by: Eisenvater, Japanische Kampfhörspiele
13. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Bilder Fressen Strom, 2010 CD Album
     Unundeux - 112/003
14. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Kaputte Nackte Affen, 2011 CD Album
     Unundeux - 112/005
15. Various Artists - A Tribute To Japanische Kampfhörspiele, 2011
     Unundeux - 112/010, Compilation
     Contains 76 songs by: Benninghoff, Coggy, Phobiatic, By Brute Force, My Cold Embrace, Schwarzer Storch, Test, Psycarnage, Unchallenged Hate, Zengaia, Fruity Bongo Grind, CortisoL, All Good Comes In Cans, World Downfall, Geld Et Nelt, Hool Tripleseven, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Gröhl Karaoke, Yacøpsæ, Jaka Wie Hosso, Warfield Within, Zeroed, Walking Dinos, Deuscastiga, J. Schiel, Clássicos Eternos, Stern Fucking Zeit, Layers, Kannibal Krach, Heifetz, Clone, Desalmado, Mozek Motors, Anilingus, Jack Slater, Beat Vox, Schlachtung, All The Ashes, Die Chranks, No One Gets Out Alive, Gods Will Be Done, Re.Creator, All N4tural, Bastard Peels, Lower Than Zero, Makaaba, Eulenkrampf, Kruste, Enddarm, DER_WARRIOR, Schwule Nuttenbullen, Pigs With Chainsaws, Kandidate, The, Lieutenant Dave & The Vohwinkels, Rummelsnuff, Tenderloin Hooker Needles, Glöckner Brodschneider, Satanische Fahrstuhlmusik, Wrong., Esgibtauchgeld, Anything But Yours, Spoilt Flesh, 100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl, Slobodan Kajkut, Lattenrost, You Kill It We Grill It, Anal Treatment XXX-Perience, The, Reanima, Christoph De Babalon, Vaulting, Panzerfront, Akolyth, R3000, White Eyes, Noisebazooka
16. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Welt Ohne Werbung, 2014 CD Album
     UnUnDeux - 112/024
Today is the day of eternal bliss: finally, the requested reload of JaKa's meisterwerk discography. The uninterrupted awesomeness of their thrashing hardcore death black metal magic onslaught should be part of all communication towards ETs, angels, souls and any otherworldly beings to affirm the advancement of civilization. Or maybe use JaKa as the ultimate weapon to shut down all the fucking bastard subhumans currently shooting and bombing people in all these war fields everywhere. Der Planet stinkt, ist laut und septisch. Soldat, du sollst dich töten.
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