Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Cancerbero - At The Portal Of The Evoked Blasphemies - 2012
Cancerbero - Malevolence - 2013
01. Cancerbero - At The Portal Of The Evoked Blasphemies, 2012 CD Album
     Rawforce Productions - Full-length
02. Cancerbero - Malevolence, 2013 CD EP
     Veins Full Of Wrath - Veins 002
Chilean death metal! It took them 25 years to release an album, but here they are. Therefore this is genuine old school death, not retro. Dirty, raw, crispy death in the vein of Autopsy and such corpse ramming engines. Fans of Morbosidad will be delighted, true zerism commands unlimited consumption of this filthy racket!
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!ZER Cancerbero ZER!

PS: shit, I mixed the cover artworks! Manual retag is necessary, sorry.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Statue - Filter The Infection - 1993 01. Statue - Filter The Infection, 1993 CD EP
     Revelation Records - Revelation: 29
Requested, rezerred. This is what happened in the 90s, the fugazing of the hardcore sound that also gave us the amazing Quicksand. Ah yes, Statue sound a bit like Quicksand, or a lot. I think there are some dudes from Chain Of Strength in Statue, but they totally do not sound like CoS. This superb EP deserves more fame, play it loud!
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!ZER Statue ZER!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Bellzlleb - Bellzlleb - 1989
Bellzlleb - Section II ~???????~ - 1990
Bellzlleb - Mr. Ree ????SAD? - 1991
01. Bellzlleb - Bellzlleb, 1989 CD
     Nude Records - NUDE-002
02. Bellzlleb - Section II ~???????~, 1990 CD Album
     Bang A Gong - GONG-6018
03. Bellzlleb - Mr. Ree ????SAD?, 1991 CD
     Free-Will - FWR-010CDL
While we are waiting, impatient and drooling, we are having a serious boost of our systematic hunger for Japanese noise. Hence the most gratifying selections for today, the three meta classic children of the dark viscosity of Bellzlleb. Such greatness must be propagated in all general directions. The mixture of these sluggish segments of Doom with these rocking carapaces of Ningen Isu and Gastunk : this is how Bellzlleb could be approximately qualified. Or as the Eastern miscarriage of ill Celtic Frost with sleepwalking Voïvod and subterranean Melvins. Heaviness, poison gas and evil melodic hypnosis. It is so brilliant and heavily mastered. It is all marvelous at the highest zertitude. Submit to the Bellzlleb! Bang the skull and break the creepiest triplazer of the megazer!
The Church will be eternally invoking the largest angels of gratitude to the kindest bipedal meat who will sell or flac us the Inori EP. ÔÔÔÔÔÔÔÔÔ
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!ZER Bellzlleb ZER!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


MDC - Millions Of Dead Cops - 1982
MDC - This Blood's For You - 1987
MDC - This Blood's For You - 1987
MDC - Elvis - In The Rheinland (Live In Berlin) - 1988
MDC - More Dead Cops 1981-1987 - 1988
01. MDC - Millions Of Dead Cops, 1982 Vinyl LP Album Picture Disc Reissue
     Twisted Chords - tc038
     Reissue from 2003
02. MDC - This Blood's For You, 1987 Vinyl LP Album
     We Bite Records - WB 022
03. MDC - This Blood's For You, 1987 Vinyl LP Album Picture Disc
     We Bite Records - WB 022
04. MDC - Elvis - In The Rheinland (Live In Berlin), 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Destiny Records - 05147
05. MDC - More Dead Cops 1981-1987, 1988 Vinyl LP Compilation
     We Bite Records, We Bite Records - WE BITE 033, WB 033 , Compilation
     1-2: John Wayne Was A Nazi 7'', 3-6: Multi Death Corporations 7'', 7-9: Millions Of Dead Children 7'', 10-11: from Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2 comp, 12-13: exclusive tracks - Contains 13 songs by: MDC, Stains
NRAR: in a rather pointless exercise in futility (for those who already downloaded the CD rips), here come the vinyl rips omitted from the main MDC post of 2013. Take this as another tribute to this classic icon of US hardcore. Especially these albums, for they are their best (according to any PhD in MDC). And it is another hike on nostalgia hill, especially as the band I was playing in in 1990 (Ovorof) opened for them in Lyon. Hardcore kingdom giant rezer! Millions of Dear Clocks!
Next post will 100% non-reload and... Japanese!
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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Destruction - Sentence Of Death - 1984
Destruction - Infernal Overkill - 1985
Destruction - Sentence Of Death / Infernal Overkill - 1985
Destruction - Mad Butcher - 1986
Destruction - Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation - 1987
Destruction - Release From Agony - 1987
Destruction - Release From Agony - 1987
Destruction - Live Without Sense - 1989
Destruction - Cracked Brain - 1990
Destruction - Destruction - 1994
Destruction - Them Not Me - 1995
Destruction - The Least Successful Human Cannonball - 1998
Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose - 2000
Destruction - The Antichrist - 2001
Destruction - Metal Discharge - 2003
Destruction - Metal Discharge - 2003
Destruction - Inventor Of Evil - 2005
Destruction - D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. - 2008
01. Destruction - Sentence Of Death, 1984 Vinyl 12" Mini-Album 33 ? RPM
     Steamhammer - SH 0020
02. Destruction - Infernal Overkill, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Metal Blade Records, Enigma Records - MBR 1048, 72067-1
03. Destruction - Sentence Of Death / Infernal Overkill, 1985 CD Compilation
     Steamhammer - SPV85-7529
     Reissue from 1988
04. Destruction - Mad Butcher, 1986 Vinyl 12" Picture Disc
     Steamhammer - 12-1896
05. Destruction - Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation, 1987 CD Album Mini-Album Compilation
     Steamhammer, Steamhammer - SH CD 0070, 85 - 1860
06. Destruction - Release From Agony, 1987 CD Album
     Steamhammer, Steamhammer - SH CD 0078, 85-7506
07. Destruction - Release From Agony, 1987 Vinyl LP Album Picture Disc
     Steamhammer - PD 12-7515
08. Destruction - Live Without Sense, 1989 Vinyl LP
     Noise International - FW 44454
09. Destruction - Cracked Brain, 1990 Vinyl LP Album
     Steamhammer - SPV 008-76191
10. Destruction - Destruction, 1994 CD Mini-Album Limited Edition Numbered
     Brain Butcher Compact - UAM 0447
11. Destruction - Them Not Me, 1995 CD Mini-Album
     Brain Butcher Compact - BBC 0714
12. Destruction - The Least Successful Human Cannonball, 1998 CD Album
     Brain Butcher Compact - BBC 0715
13. Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose, 2000 CD Album
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 494-2, 27361 64942
14. Destruction - The Antichrist, 2001 CD Album
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 632-2, 6632-2
15. Destruction - Metal Discharge, 2003 CD Album Limited Edition x 2
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 1170-2, NB 1198-2
     CD 1
16. Destruction - Metal Discharge, 2003 CD Album Limited Edition x 2
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 1170-2, NB 1198-2
     CD 2
17. Destruction - Inventor Of Evil, 2005 CD Album
     Candlelight Records USA - CDL0194CD
18. Destruction - D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N., 2008 CD Album
     Candlelight Records USA - CDL428CD
The riffs, the speed metal, the bullet belts! In 84, Sodom, Kreator and Destruction were among the first to fuel the fire of the almighty German thrash metal scene. What an awesome and brain-blowing era, all this noise, all this leather, all this frenzy! The Sentence Of Death poster was hanging over my bed and Infernal Overkill was in this endless rotation of the 85 summer with Hell Awaits, Dealing With It, Screams From The Gutter, Morbid Tales, Tales of Terror, Animosity, Raging Violence... Sorry for the time-travelling again. But records speak to me louder than photographs.
Now Destruction didn't seduce me as much with their following releases, and although the come-back albums since All Hell Breaks Lose are great, I lost interest after the killer Metal Discharge, and finally stopped buying their stuff: this is why you do not get the 5 or 6 other albums. Get all the missing titles from the amazing Old Tendencies. But you do get The Least Successful Human Cannonball, although it is regarded as the ultimate repulsion by most fans and the whole band: I totally love the thing. It is an incredible hard rock album, I like it much more than the newest stuff. It does not sound like Destruction, but it is completely amazing nonetheless. In no way is it the Load or Cold Lake of Destruction. It simply fucking rocks.
Release From Agony was wrongfully tagged as LP (it's a CD rip).
I never found affordable copies of the Destruction & Them Not Me mini CDs so the posted rips are downloaded mp3s, yes.
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!ZER Destruction ZER!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Legion Of Andromeda

Legion Of Andromeda - Iron Scorn - 2015 01. Legion Of Andromeda - Iron Scorn, 2015 CD Album
     Crucial Blast - CBR111
It is time to get munched and swallowed by a giant black monster! This Iron Scorn cracks your skeleton and crushes the remaining powder into the finest ready-to-snort flour with its hostile bulldozing machinery of slow pain. This is is Noisezilla in action, this is Japan taking over the throne of Godflesh and dragging its corpse into the rusted landfills of hell. There is a single beat on the entire album that carries the monolithic riffs and the horrible incantations. It is like one long torture song of Coffins with machines. This is the heaviness of what they play on planets that have a gravity of 1000 g. This album is obscenely great and proportionately bad for your health. but nevermind, I'll play it another dozen times today, fuck yeah. Crucial gigadeathdozer forever heavier!
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!ZER Legion Of Andromeda ZER!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Angkor Wat - When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake!

Angkor Wat - When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake! - 1989 01. Angkor Wat - When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake!, 1989 Vinyl LP Album
     Death Records - 7 72408-1
NRAR: here is the missing LP rip of that crucial crossover thrash monster that reaches out to avid fans of the Accüsed. We can also hear some early Destruction in this wild thrashfest. Does that mean that a Destruction post is welcome? But first tomorrow we must have some Japanese monstrosity.
If you got the CD rip, this LP source will not be an improvement and can be safely ignored.
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!ZER Angkor Wat ZER!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Abs

The Abs - Mentalenema - 1989 01. The Abs - Mentalenema, 1989 Vinyl LP Mini-Album
     Link Records - LINK MLP 100
Today is bumps of joy and lightness with this short sharp rock and rolling UK pop punk record. For fans of Noise Annoys and the poppest of Hard Ons to sing along and be happy all week!
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!ZER The Abs ZER!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Panx Vinyl Zine 01-05

Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 01 - 1989
Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 03 - 1989
Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 02 - 1989
Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 05 - 1990
Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 04 - 1990
01. Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 01, 1989 Vinyl 7" 33 ? RPM Compilation Numbered
     Panx Productions - PP004 , Compilation
     Contains 5 songs by: S.O.R., Anti-Dogmatikss, Plaies Mobiles, Bluck
02. Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 03, 1989 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM Compilation Numbered
     Panx Productions - PP006 , Compilation
     Contains 5 songs by: Moss Icon, Lost Fights, The Hated, Toxic Avengers
03. Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 02, 1989 Vinyl 7" Compilation
     Panx Productions - PP005 , Compilation
     Contains 6 songs by: Society Gone Madd, Fanatical Views, Cold Vietnam, Resident Mockery, The Stench
04. Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 05, 1990 Vinyl 7" EP
     Panx Productions - PP008 , Compilation
     Contains 6 songs by: A.C.M.E, Rebellenblut, Légitime Défonce, CMX, Go!, Deceit
05. Various - Panx Vinyl Zine 04, 1990 Vinyl 7"
     Panx Productions - PP 007 , Compilation
     Contains 5 songs by: Horse Laugh, Wartburgs Für Walter, Radiation Sickness, Lost
In the dark age before the internets and the tutubes, one had to read fanzines and listen to compilation tapes or records to discover enough new noise at once. One also used to blindly buy some shit according to wild descriptions from flyers and catalogs, labels (eg. I had to own every release by Alchemy Records) or just because the artwork promised great audio content (this is why I bought the weird-looking LP from that new band Voïvod). It was then only logical to subscribe to the Panx bi-monthly compilation series. Panx is a great label and distro and their selection for this batch of 7" is excellent: only good to awesome nasty hardcore punk. Too bad I forgot to renew my subscription for the second series. The nostalgia never dies. The time machine flies again!
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!ZER Various ZER!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Demon Lung

Demon Lung - The Hundredth Name - 2013
Demon Lung - A Dracula - 2015
01. Demon Lung - The Hundredth Name, 2013 CD Album
     Candlelight Records - CDL528CD
02. Demon Lung - A Dracula, 2015 CD Album
     Candlelight Records USA - CDL597
Today is superb doom day. Demon Lung recycle the best elements of 80s/90s doom metal with some smoldering stoner epithets to produce their marvelous mixture of Candlemass | Cathedral | Count Raven. The lady on the mike plays it haunting and sluggish, adding another ladder of dark sweetness into the heavy metal. It all works so well that this is now your new favorite stack of doom. Crush that head into the crypts of tar!
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!ZER Demon Lung ZER!

PS: books page update with a couple of new titles & link fixes.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Verbal Abuse - Live in Berlin

Verbal Abuse - Of America - 1990 01. Verbal Abuse - Of America, 1990 Vinyl LP Album
     Destiny Records - 05256/08
NRAR: missing from the VA post, here is the LP rip of that fantastic live recording. VA at the height of its powers! All the hits through a red hot set. Useless download if you already have the CD rip (and with fewer songs). VA rocks your head off!
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!ZER Verbal Abuse ZER!


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