Friday, November 21, 2014

Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine

Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - Rampton 2002
01. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - Rampton, 2002 CD
     Southern Lord - SUNN17
If you found Buzzov•en dark, heavy and slow, try Teeth Of Lions. Like the amazing Vhöl, Teeth is a supergroup from the doom scene (here involving personnel from Burning Witch / Khanate / Cathedral / Goatsnake / Sunn / Iron Monley), but unlike Vhöl, Teeth is not an outlet for giving space to all this speed and thrash that bubbles under its members' skin. No, Teeth pursues and develops the quest of its ancestors, it digs the grave deeper and wider, it fills it with the thickest viscosity and it fabricates another level in doom. A lower level. This may very well be the epitome of doom. I know it is my favorite Lee Dorian performance. This is unbelievable, crushing doom. Not funeral or psycho or death doom as in Mournful Congregation, Unholy or Esoteric. Nor stoner doom with Sabbath articulations, at all. No, Teeth is rather the ultimate doomdozer, the sound of the cosmic brakes that stop time, the auralscape of the suction of everything into nothing. I just blew an artery. Total fucking doom til the end of the universe!!!
But all is not bleak in this world, there are good news.
!ZER Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine ZER!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Buzzov•en - To A Frown 1993
Buzzov•en - Sore 1994
Buzzov•en - ...At A Loss 1998
Buzzov•en - Revelation: Sick Again 2007
Buzzov•en - Violence From The Vault 2010
01. Buzzov•en - To A Frown, 1993 Vinyl LP Album
     Allied Recordings - Allied No. 21
02. Buzzov•en - Sore, 1994 CD Album
     Roadrunner Records - RR 8998-2
03. Buzzov•en - ...At A Loss, 1998 CD Album
     Off The Records - OTR003
04. Buzzov•en - Revelation: Sick Again, 2007 Vinyl LP
     Sounds Of The South - SOTS-413
     Recorded in 1998
05. Buzzov•en - Violence From The Vault, 2010 CD Album
     Relapse Records - RR 7071-2
     Recorded in 1994/1996
Requested, rezerred. Let the sludgehammer drag you to the bottom of the tar swamp. This is disease made sound with several butt kicks. If you rejoicingly expect some Eyehategod with a thicker crust of hardcore/thrash from the thigh of C.O.C's Animosity, you will wet your pants. If you don't, your gums will bleed. Revelation: Sick Again is unavoidable. Do not sin, consume this through all your canals and vessels. Feel the mass, drown till zer!
!ZER Buzzov•en ZER!
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mutilator + Mutilated

Mutilator - Omens Of Dark Fate 1987
Mutilated - Psychodeath Lunatics 1988
Mutilated - Resurrected  1991
Mutilated - Resurrected / Psychodeath Lunatics 2004
Mutilated - In Memoriam 2013
01. Mutilator - Omens Of Dark Fate, 1987 Cassette Single Sided
     Not On Label - none
02. Mutilated - Psychodeath Lunatics, 1988 Cassette Single Sided EP
     Mutilated - Demo N 1
03. Mutilated - Resurrected , 1991 Cassette Single Sided EP
     Not On Label - Demo 91
04. Mutilated - Resurrected / Psychodeath Lunatics, 2004 Vinyl LP Compilation Unofficial Release
     Foreign Legion Records - none
     Both demos + 7''
05. Mutilated - In Memoriam, 2013 Vinyl LP Compilation x 2
     Triumph Ov Death - TOD LP001
     Live & rehearsals 1988/1993
Obliteration of the mutilazer! In the 80s, the European metal scene was certainly not dominated by the Latin countries, especially in the newborn thrash & death metal departments. France was particularly handicapped, even if Vulcain kicked serious ass, but they were more in a Motörhead vibe. Being far from impressed by Agressor, Loudblast or Massacra, I kept whining until Mutilator/Mutilated released these amazing demos full of Possessed, Death and Morbid Angel. At last! Something seriously evil in the seas of cheese! Explosion of killer thrashing deathonizer into our flabbered gast! Bang your head against these anvils! Mutilated made the best French death metal, and among the very best of the era on the continent. Et bien le bonjour à Michel.
!ZER Mutilated ZER!
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Not unwatchable:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Disorder - Perdition EP 1982
Disorder - Under The Scalpel Blade 1984
Disorder - Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din 1985
Disorder - Violent World / More Noise 1989
Disorder - The Rest Home For Senile Old Punks Proudly Presents...Disorder 1997
01. Disorder - Perdition EP, 1982 Vinyl 12" EP Reissue
     Puke N Vomit Records - PNV45-SR008
     Reissue from 2011
02. Disorder - Under The Scalpel Blade, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Disorder Records - AARGH!-1
03. Disorder - Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din, 1985 Vinyl LP
     Disorder Records - AARGH 2
04. Disorder - Violent World / More Noise, 1989 Vinyl LP Album Reissue
     Antisociety - anti 32
     Reissue from 2013
05. Disorder - The Rest Home For Senile Old Punks Proudly Presents...Disorder, 1997 CD Compilation
     Anagram Records - CDPUNK 88
Requested, zerified. Disorder was the noisiest thing I had heard before getting Hear Nothing or Troops Of Tomorrow. I could not believe one could make more noise than Ace Of Spades. That Perdition EP is responsible for the liquid that was coming out of my ears in 1982, the melting of the eardrums. I was in Heaven and my acne almost fell off. From then on, the quest for more noise never ceased. Vivid memories of another century and a whole lot of fucking noise! Zer's not dead!
!ZER Disorder ZER!
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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Atomkraft - Future Warriors 1985
Atomkraft - Queen Of Death 1986
Atomkraft - Conductors Of Noize 1987
Atomkraft - Total Metal The Neat Anthology 2004
Atomkraft - Total Metal The Neat Anthology 2004
Atomkraft - Cold Sweat 2011
Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future 2014
Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future 2014
Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future 2014
01. Atomkraft - Future Warriors, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Neat Records - NEAT 1028
02. Atomkraft - Queen Of Death, 1986 Vinyl 12" EP 45 RPM
     Neat Records, Neat Records - NEAT 55-12, 55-12
03. Atomkraft - Conductors Of Noize, 1987 Vinyl LP Album
     Roadrunner Records - RR 9600
04. Atomkraft - Total Metal The Neat Anthology, 2004 CD Compilation x 2
     Sanctuary/Castle - 82310-72415-2
05. Atomkraft - Total Metal The Neat Anthology, 2004 CD Compilation x 2
     Sanctuary/Castle - 82310-72415-2
06. Atomkraft - Cold Sweat, 2011 CD Mini-Album Enhanced Limited Edition
     W.A.R. Productions - WAR067
07. Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future, 2014 CD Compilation Limited Edition x 3
     Minotauro - M2014-11
08. Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future, 2014 CD Compilation Limited Edition x 3
     Minotauro - M2014-11
09. Atomkraft - Looking Back To The Future, 2014 CD Compilation Limited Edition x 3
     Minotauro - M2014-11
Requested, zerified. Venom fans know what to do with Atomkraft, and already massage their necks. And general fans of 80s British steel, Tank/Warfare division, must also prepare to bang their heads. Atomkraft were great and we welcome the new Looking Back compilation with the joyful appetite of a cake loaded Sunday. Unlike the strange 2004 Neat anthology (which contains all 80s records, but in random song order...), the triple CD from 2014 contains only demo and live material from 1980 to 2011. And for those like me who hadn't heard the unreleased album demos, surprise is to be expected (not necessarily in good vibe). But for the rest, this is zeristic total metal! Hey, queen of death!
!ZER Atomkraft ZER!
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And to conclude this day of 1985 thrash let us attend

Friday, November 7, 2014


Vhol - Vhol 2013
01. Vhol - Vhol, 2013 CD Album
     Profound Lore Records - PFL.113
The most quickly zerified request! It is well deserved for this super-masterpiece. Vhöl involves people from Yob, Agalloch and Hammers Of Misfortune. I never heard H.O.M., but from the Metal Archives description, Vhöl seems to be in a totally different segment of the universe. And as far as Yob and Agalloch are concerned, I can confirm that Vhöl sounds nothing like their exquisite hammers of black doom fortune. It seems like these guys needed to play something faster and thrashier. I usually don't expect much from side projects, but this one is a giant gem shining brightly in the 11 dimensions of everything. If you need to hear some super-catchy-yet-evil black thrash metal, this is your album of the year. It is greater than almost every other release of the past two years. Yes, I have to reach for Triptykon, Morbus Chron, Vektor or Japanische Kampfhörspiele's last albums to get this excited. The quality of the song writing and the execution are over the top, the energy is formidable and the headbanging is of world class level. Forget the last Voïvod, and I don't say this lightly. All the Earache re-thrash bands now dissolve into complete nothingness. Even if this is a one album only affair, Vhöl's mark will be engraved forever on Eternal Zer Top Ten city's central palace's main wall.
!ZER Vhol ZER!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


D.B.C. - Dead Brain Cells 1987 - 2005 Reissue
D.B.C. - Universe 1989
D.B.C. - Unreleased 2002
01. D.B.C. - Dead Brain Cells, 1987 CD Album Reissue
     Dead Brain Cells Music - DBC-002
     Reissue from 2005
02. D.B.C. - Universe, 1989 CD Compilation
     Combat - 88561-2003-2
     Contains the 1st album
03. D.B.C. - Unreleased, 2002 CD Compilation Reissue
     Galy Records - GALY-002
Another old request zerified at last! From raw thrash to semi-Voivod on the second album, DBC is the 80s riff assembly line we worship. One of Montreal's metal legends! And... they're back live for a couple of shows in Mtl (with Soothsayer!!) and Qc. Do not miss!
PS: yes, my Universe CD is fucked up (a click at the end of most songs). Sorry.
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Clique sur cette image et découvre la vérité :

Saturday, November 1, 2014

S.O.D. (Sound Of Disaster)

Sound Of Disaster - Lagar Och Förordningar EP 1983
Sound Of Disaster - Sound Of Disaster 1985
Sound Of Disaster - Speak Swedish Or Die 1990
Sound Of Disaster - Stabilitet ? 1997
Sound Of Disaster - Live At Ultra - Dec./25/1984 2000
01. Sound Of Disaster - Lagar Och Förordningar EP, 1983 Vinyl 7" EP 33 ⅓ RPM Repress Unofficial Release
     Georg Becker Schallplaten - GBR 1415
     Reissue from 2005 - demo
02. Sound Of Disaster - Sound Of Disaster, 1985 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM White Label
     Not On Label - CROSS 1
03. Sound Of Disaster - Speak Swedish Or Die, 1990 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM
     Really Fast Records - REALLY FAST 9
04. Sound Of Disaster - Stabilitet ?, 1997 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM
     Hepatit D - 009
05. Sound Of Disaster - Live At Ultra - Dec./25/1984, 2000 Vinyl LP Single Sided White Label Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
Let's have a reload of the seminal Swedish thrash fest. We get here a nonstop barrage of primitive, raw, fast and dirty punk noise. If Mob 47 and Siege had a threesome with Ripcord, that's what we'd end up with. The 1985 and 1990 EPs rank very high in the thrashcore zerarchy. Chainsaws til zer!
!ZER Sound Of Disaster ZER!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Beyond

Beyond, The - No Excuse 1990
Beyond, The - Crawl 1991
Beyond, The - Raging E.P. 1991
Beyond, The - Crawl 1992
Beyond, The - Chasm 1993
01. Beyond, The - No Excuse, 1990 CD Single
     Big Cat - ABBSCD 22
02. Beyond, The - Crawl, 1991 CD Album
     Harvest, EMI - CDSHSP 4128, 79 6716 2
03. Beyond, The - Raging E.P., 1991 CD Maxi-Single
     Harvest - CDHAR 5301
04. Beyond, The - Crawl, 1992 CD Album
     Continuum Records, Harvest - 9575-19204-2, 19204
05. Beyond, The - Chasm, 1993 CD Album
     Music For Nations - cdmfn 147
At the very highest peak of Mountain Zer, where the very few sit and shine on the rest of us, The Beyond occupy a very large and comfortable bench. I don't think human vocabulary can describe the width and height of the waves of zerness that overwhelm my meat when The Beyond invade the soundscape. From a dimension not disconnected from the heat of Victims Family and the cold of Tool, The Beyond pour the largest cargo of timeless awesomeness. Now you can hear eternity and addiction occurs. Crawl is an unbreakable and perfect demon diamond. Note that the two versions do not differ only by packaging (plastic vs. digipack). The song order is different, version 1 has a song not on version 2, version 2 has two songs not on version 1, the sharks are different. And version 2 has a different and better mix. You need both. Among the legions of underrated bands, The Beyond is the largest proof that God does not exist. But we have The Beyond, we win.
!ZER The Beyond ZER!
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More data about the beyond.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Citizens Arrest

Citizens Arrest - Colossus 0
Citizens Arrest - Citizens Arrest 1994
01. Citizens Arrest - Colossus, 1991 Vinyl LP Album Repress
     Wardance, Wardance, Vermiform - Wardance Two, Wrdnce Two, vmfm 5
02. Citizens Arrest - Citizens Arrest, 1994 CD Compilation
     Lost And Found Records - LF 086/CD
     1-6 : A Light In The Darkness 7'', 7-9: comp tracks, 10-21: Colossus
Old request, new zerification. I haven't posted any CA so far because I am not such a big fan. Sure, CA deliver pissed off, raw, thrashing hardcore in the vein of early Sick of It All or SFA, but it does not do much on my neuron. Anyway, this is very competent and angry, a prototype of the style. But I'd rather blast some Sadus for now.
!ZER Citizens Arrest ZER!
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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Crux - Řev Smrti  1993
01. Crux - Řev Smrti , 1993 CD Album
     Leviathan Records - LVR CD-029
     Reissue from 2000
Be John Lennon for a minute and imagine: Quorthon and Tom Angelripper have a son. He joins Bulldozer and instead of The Day Of Wrath, they release Řev Smrti, and instead of calling themselves Bulldozer, they chose the moniker Crux, and they move from Italy to the Czech Republic. So yes, this is a truly awesome black thrashing album, and it is actually a little more musically sophisticated than the early-Bulldozer analogy. It came out a decade later after all. And it has great "melodic" sections (as in "Blood Fire Death's slow passages"). Disciples of Cultes Des Ghoules and other sleazy purveyors of the black mark applaud and revere Crux! Thrash til black zer!
!ZER Crux ZER!
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